Full Video release date FEBRUARY 1, 2019!!!!!

Went to the crossroads, sold the Devil my soul.... THIS IS THE PLAN TO STEEL IT BACK. Directed by Kyle Phifer, DP Jonathan Henderson, production coordinator Emily Einhorn. Featuring Timothy Dark, Sharmeen Malik, Suhaib Kiani and Space Machine. Original recording engineered by Jason White, remastered by Eric Hart at Glaus Haus Studio.

Mr. Detective!!!!! By Eve, performed with Knife Thrower’s Assistance

Eve Blackwater: vocals,guitar, jewelry Heidi Harris- vocals, glockenspiel, thunder maker, theremin, frog, jewelry Matthew Vander Ende- drums Kevin Anderson- Bass Deb Douglas- vocals and bass clarinet Elizabeth Glushko- cello Bridget Rooney- vocals Cara White- Saw Christen Napier- rain stick, beads, jaw harp